Buck the Trend, Bake Buckwheat Bread

Fancy a beautiful slice of bread with a taste of Eastern Europe? Then buckwheat bread is a great alternative and tastes fantastic. Absolutely heavenly when toasted and slathered in honey.    It is also a great conduit for stronger more mature cheeses. Buckwheat flour has a quite distinctive flavo

A Highland Wedding Tradition

When my friend and housemate from Ballymaloe Cookery School, Katie, got married I was absolutely bummed that I couldn't't be there, so I wanted to research and dedicate a post to Katie and her groom, Nick, wishing them joy and happiness from their wedding day onwards. Slushy stuff over, let's talk S

Hallowe’en 2016 at Station House

  Thanks to everyone who dropped by when Trick or Treating, or 'Guising' as I now know it's called here in Dumfries and Galloway!  Sweet treats included homemade Station House marshmallows, fudge and biscuits.  For the adults a pumpkin and lentil stew with local Sulwath Brewery Ale.   What a spo

Kirkcudbright Food Festival 2016

October 22 / 23 2016 saw the new look Kirkcudbright Food Festival take place in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway. An absolute phenomenal success with a footfall of over 3500, in excess of 20 different talks and demonstrations, foraging walks, children's workshops and farm visits all incorporated.

The worst of UK food culture

  I would say that this advert I saw recently in a fast food establishment in England is about the furthest polar opposite you can get to my position on food.  It has managed to condense all that is wrong about our food culture into two simple words.  "Don't Cook". In my opinion, whoever came

Stud Farm Meats. Real Artisans

I’m always on the lookout for local producers who care about their product and keep it as natural and true to traditional methods as possible. Out recently with a fellow food enthusiast and old University friend, we visited a Farmer’s Market in Leicestershire where we met Suzanne Clarke of Stud