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journeyMy name is Nick Morris and I am ‘The Red Book Cook’.

I have been managing my own chain of language schools in Ukraine for 20 years and I am now relocating my family back to the United Kingdom.  A life long food enthusiast, I have always wanted my own business connected to all good things edible.  I retrained last year at the world renowned international cookery school in Ballymaloe with Darina and Rachel Allen and I am now on the next leg of my journey.

I’m writing this from a hotel room in Kirkcudbright, Scotland, as my search continues to find the ultimate location for my future bakery school.

The details for what I want have been taking shape for the last five years, a place where people could learn about good food, stay in beautiful surroundings, eat magnificently and leave feeling better than they arrived.

It would have kitchen gardens which supply fresh and seasonal produce; fruit, vegetables and herbs for the school. Chickens supply fresh eggs and goats provide milk.

A bakery would produce freshly baked bread from local wholemeal stoneground flour for the guests as well as the local community. A café with homemade foods would be a place to relax.

Courses about all things concerning food production would be run in the school by local and guest tutors, book launches and literature festivals a regular feature as well as the promotion of all local suppliers who want to produce only the best they can.

Sounds like a pipedream? Well, I’m going for it anyway. With the support of my friends, family and business partners I am on a nationwide search in a campervan with my trusty street rescue dog Leia, to find the property to locate my dream.

Will you join me…?





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