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Station House Cookery School is a unique experience in Dumfries and Galloway.  Developed in the beautiful train station buildings in the picturesque fishing town of Kirkcudbright, Nick and the team offer a wide range of cookery classes for all ages and tastes delivered by passionate and knowledgeable tutors.  There’s a great focus on supporting local producers and all ingredients are sourced as ethically as possible. 

From just £15 you can join in with a cookery demonstration of your choice.  In the comfort of the Station House Demonstration Room you watch as an array of delicious dishes are cooked right in front of you.  You have the chance to ask questions and interact with the tutors.  All factsheets, recipes and delicious tasters are included. 

Or you can choose either a half day or full day cookery class which involves firstly the demonstration where you can see all the recipes cooked before you in the newly outfitted bespoke demonstration room. 

Then you move into the student kitchens where you have your own workstation, hob and oven to cook the recipes yourselves under the expert guidance of your tutor. 

All recipes, utensils and ingredients are supplied.   Once you have cooked the dishes you sit down for a delicious lunch with your fellow students.  What a great day out. 

Why not join us for a weekend 2 or 3 day course and enjoy the discounts we offer.  

Classes are available for adults and children.

Young Learners : 7-12yrs

Course NameDurationDateFeeBook Now
Mini Pizzas2hrs22nd August£19.00Book Now
Mini Pizzas 2hrs24th October £19.00 Book Now
Halloween Treats1.5hrs31st October£12.00Book Now
Kids' Christmas Treats 1.5hrs19th December £12.00Book Now


Course NameDurationDateFeeBook Now
Teenage Mutant Ninja Pizza Making3hrs4th August£29.00Book Now
Teenage Tasty Two Course Meals3hrs17th August£29.00Book Now
Teenage Pizza and Pasta 3hrs25th October£29.00 Book Now
Teenage Soup and a Main 3hrs 26th October £29.00 Book Now
Teenage Christmas Treats 3hrs22nd December£29.00Book Now

Adult : Demonstrations

Course NameDurationDateFeeBook Now
Indian Cookery3hrs20th September £29.00Book Now
Thai Cookery3hrs22nd September £29.00Book Now
Fish Cookery 3hrs29th September £29.00 Book Now
Fresh Pasta3hrs18th October £29.00Book Now
Indian Cookery - Diwali Festival of Light2hrs 13th October £15.00 Book Now
Bread Making3hrs 19th October £29.00 Book Now
Indian Cookery 3hrs1st November£29.00 Book Now
Bread Making 3hrs8th November £29.00Book Now
Fresh Pasta3hrs15th November £29.00 Book Now
Bread Making 3hrs19th November£29.00 Book Now
Thai Cookery 3hrs24th November £29.00 Book Now
Bread Making 3hrs5th December £29.00Book Now
Christmas Dinner Made Easy 3hrs7th December £29.00Book Now
Vegetarian Christmas Dinner3hrs14th December £29.00Book Now
Fresh Pasta3hrs12th December £29.00 Book Now
Indian Cookery3hrs11th January£29.00 Book Now
Bread Making 3hrs14th January £29.00 Book Now
Fresh Pasta3hrs18th January £29.00Book Now
Bread Making 3hrs19th January £29.00 Book Now
Thai Cookery 3hrs25th January£29.00 Book Now
Fish Cookery 3hrs29th January £29.00 Book Now
Vegetarian Cookery3hrs31st January £29.00Book Now

Adult : Half Day Classes

Course NameDurationDateFeeBook Now
Autumn Soups3hrs21st September £49.00Book Now
Pastry 3hrs26th September£49.00Book Now
Vegetarian Cookery3hrs 28th September £49.00 Book Now
Gluten Free Baking 3hrs3rd October£49.00 Book Now
Vegetarian Cookery 3hrs15th October £49.00 Book Now
Vegan Cookery 3hrs14th November£49.00 Book Now
Easy Entertaining 3hrs20th November £49.00 Book Now
Sweet Treats 3hrs20th November £49.00 Book Now
Pastry 3hrs21st November£49.00Book Now
Main Course and a Sauce 3hrs21st November£49.00Book Now
Vegetarian Cookery3hrs8th December £49.00 Book Now
Christmas Made Easy3hrs 21st December £49.00 Book Now
Easy Entertaining 3hrs15th January£49.00Book Now
Sweet Treats 3hrs15th January £49.00 Book Now
Pastry 3hrs16th January £49.00Book Now
Main Course and a Sauce 3hrs16th January £49.00 Book Now
Gluten Free Baking 3hrs23rd January£49.00 Book Now

Adult : Full Day Classes

Course NameDurationDateFeeBook Now
Indian Cookery 6hrs20th September £99.00 Book Now
Thai Cookery6hrs 22nd September£99.00Book Now
Fish Cookery 6hrs29th September £110.00Book Now
Fresh Pasta 6hrs 18th October £99.00 Book Now
Bread Making 6hrs 19th October £99.00Book Now
Indian Cookery 6hrs1st November £99.00Book Now
Bread Making 6hrs8th November£99.00 Book Now
Fresh Pasta6hrs15th November £99.00Book Now
Bread Making 6hrs 19th November£99.00Book Now
Thai Cookery 6hrs24th November £99.00Book Now
Bread Making 6hrs 5th December £99.00 Book Now
Christmas Dinner Made Easy6hrs7th December £99.00Book Now
Vegetarian Christmas Dinner6hrs14th December£99.00Book Now
Fresh Pasta6hrs12th December £99.00Book Now
Indian Cookery 6hrs11th January £99.00 Book Now
Bread Making 6hrs14th January £99.00Book Now
Fresh Pasta 6hrs18th January £99.00Book Now
Bread Making 6hrs 19th January £99.00 Book Now
Thai Cookery 6hrs25th January £99.00 Book Now
Fish Cookery 6hrs29th January £110.00 Book Now
Vegetarian Cookery 6hrs31st January £99.00Book Now

Adult : 2 Day Courses

Course NameDurationDateFeeBook Now
Easy Entertaining12hrs8th June
9th June
10th June
£189.00Book Now
Easy Entertaining12hrs20th July
21st July
22nd July
£189.00Book Now

Adult : Week Courses

Course NameDurationDateFeeBook Now
September Week Course33hrs2nd - 7th September£499.00Book Now

Course by Age

Cookery Course Gift Vouchers Available
Cookery Course Gift Vouchers Available