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Adult : Demonstrations

Course NameDurationDateFeeBook Now
Intro to Indian Cookery3hrs2nd June£19.00Book Now
Pastry Making for Beginners3hrs4th June£19.00Book Now
Easy Entertaining 13hrs8th June£19.00Book Now
Easy Entertaining 23hrs9th June£19.00Book Now
Vegetarian Cookery3hrs11th June£19.00Book Now
Pork Dishes3hrs15th June£19.00Book Now
Indian Vegetarian Cookery3hrs16th June£19.00Book Now
Dairy Free Meals3hrs17th June£19.00Book Now
Indian Meat Cookery3hrs22nd June£19.00Book Now
Italian Cookery3hrs23rd June£19.00Book Now
Great British Cookery3hrs24th June£19.00Book Now
Gourmet Pizza and Pasta3hrs29th June£19.00Book Now
Easy Dinner Parties3hrs30th June£19.00Book Now
Introduction to Thai Cookery3hrs6th July£19.00Book Now
Introduction to Bread Making3hrs7th July£19.00Book Now
Summer Dishes and Desserts3hrs13th July£19.00Book Now
Free from Dairy3hrs14th July£19.00Book Now
Easy Entertaining 13hrs20th July£19.00Book Now
Easy Entertaining 23hrs21st July£19.00Book Now
Vegetarian Cookery3hrs22nd July£19.00Book Now
Chicken Dishes of the World3hrs27th July£19.00Book Now
Introduction to Indian3hrs28th July£19.00Book Now
Introduction to Thai 3hrs29th July£19.00Book Now
Introduction to Bread Making3hrs3rd August£19.00Book Now
Great British Cookery3hrs5th August£19.00Book Now
Gourmet Pizzas and Pasta3hrs10th August£19.00Book Now
Introduction to Pastry Making3hrs11th August£19.00Book Now
Easy Dinner Parties3hrs12th August£19.00Book Now
Introduction to Thai Cookery3hrs17th August£19.00Book Now
Fish Cookery3hrs18th August£19.00Book Now
Free From Dairy3hrs19th August£19.00Book Now
Summer Dishes3hrs24th August£19.00Book Now
Fresh Pasta and Sauces3hrs25th August£19.00Book Now
Cookery of the Ukraine and Russia3hrs26th August£19.00Book Now

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Cookery Course Gift Vouchers Available
Cookery Course Gift Vouchers Available