Meet the Station House Family

We are incredibly lucky here at Station House to be surrounded by some of the countries finest producers of food and drink. To us they are like family so please let us introduce them to you.

Roan's Dairy

6th generation dairy farmers from close to Dalbeattie in Dumfries and Galloway, Roan's dairy are producing free range milk and cream of a world class quality. We are very proud at Station House to have them as our milk and cream suppliers. I was lucky enough to work with the Roan family recently in preparation for demonstrations.  We covered butter making, yoghurt making, creme patissiere and the middle eastern cheese 'labneh'. A great family producing a great product that we need to support.  They do doorstep deliveries too, so let's go local and get behind Roan's Dairy.

Sulwath Brewers

I’ve been lucky enough to get a tour around this fantastic family run brewery. Based in Castle Douglas they produce a range of light, dark and wheat beers of the highest quality. On the tour I was taken through the whole process of how the beers are made and got the chance to get hands on with the hops which pack the flavour. I highly recommend a visit and certainly a bottle of their great beer.

Treats Darling

Jade Ahmed is one of cake producers and also now one of our children's course tutors. See more of Jade's work at Jade in her own words: "Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Jade. She loved cake. And chocolate. And all sorts of sweet treats.

She dedicated her days to sampling all the cakes in the land. And my, was she happy.

Then one day she decided, what if she could make them herself?

And so, she set about trying her hand at making cakes. Yummy little treats that she could share with all her fellow cake lovers.

Now, there were already lots of other good cake makers out there - so she wanted to be different. And 'lo and behold she brought the Cake pop to the lovely kingdom of Kirkcudbright.

You might see Jade around town with her lovely little pooch, Prince Clive the Chihuahua. Do stop by and say hello and ask her what her latest cake pop creations might be. You never know she might even have a sample to hand."

The Selkirk Arms

A unique blend of traditional hospitality, fine food, Scottish history and local art.

A privately owned Hotel, restaurant and pub offer a perfect retreat, whether an overnight stay, a few days break,dining in the restaurant or bar or just popping in for a coffee or dink. Under the ownership of Chris and Sue Walker formerly owners at The Creebridge House Hotel in Newton Stewart and the Masonic Arms in Gatehouse of Fleet. The pair bring over 30 years of hospitality experience to the Selkirk Arms. Now in their tenth year of ownership they are supported by an able and committed team whose daily mantra is the deliver the best in quality and service. 

Upper Senwick Farm

Just four miles away from Station House is Upper Senwick Farm, owned and run by Nicola and Paul Sanderson who produce amazing free range eggs and pork. As a family run business, quality of life for their chickens and pigs is paramount and that is reflected in the quality of their products.  We have visited the farm personally and feel confident in using them at Station House. In fact, we are going one stage further and working with Nicola and Paul in producing a range of Scotch Eggs to show case how amazing their pork and eggs are. You'll find these out and about at Farmers' Markets with Nicola and Paul and also on the menu at Station House.

Greybe Oils

Sometimes you taste something and you just want to let everybody know how good it is.  
That was most certainly the case with Greybe oils and vinegars.  Their Balsamic vinegar has an incredible depth of flavour and a glorious aftertaste.  My personal favourite as a truffle addict has to be their truffle infused oil which is a sheer delight. Headed up by David Greybe this is a company you can feel good about supporting as he does everything he can to support sustainable rural development and get his producers the best deal. To prove he's a producer worth his salt, Davis is happy to come to Station House and introduce his range of products to the staff, both back and front of house to ensure all that knowledge is passed on to our guests. But don't take my word alone for it - visit

Kat Milligan

Introducing Kat Milligan who will be running our brand new Foraging Courses To check availability and book on a course click here One of my greatest passions in life has always been that of the wilderness, nature, its conservation and our impact not just on it but it upon us. Perhaps growing up as a child in Galloway sparked this and since that young age I have had a fascination with all things “wild” and I am very lucky that passion has led me to exceptional places, experiences and people from tracking snow leopards in Siberia which felt an honour, to helping teach tracking and survival skills (Including foraging) in South Africa as well as helping with some fantastic bushcraft organisations and instructors in this country. Now that I have returned to base camp in beautiful Galloway I am keen to share what I have been lucky enough to learn here at home as well as continue to educate myself further in this vast subject. Foraging is a fantastic conduit to connect people with the land and life around them whilst, hopefully, encouraging respect and responsibility towards it rather than merely treating it as a resource. Foraging can be a lifestyle, a mindset, an endless world to explore whether collecting brambles at the end of the garden to add to baking, or incorporating it in a more immersive way into our daily lives or at the campfire. The act of finding our own food can help us reach into the past, connect with our own culture and others. The excitement of exploration and the creativity of its culinary side to the senses of smell, taste and touch make it an intriguing and adventurous topic. These days I am more often to be found sharing what I know within a historical context, often as a Viking reenactor using foraging to connect to current life around us but also to the past. I get a great kick out of using ingredients and processes that ancestors would have used. Plus I get to wave a sword about from time to time. I am excited about the creative opportunities that are to come through working with Station House. I feel that the values of the company strongly parallel my own. Those of ethical and locally sourced produce, of supporting non-globalised companies and bringing us closer to the story of our food is important to me. I look forward to the foraging adventures to come, people to meet and experiences to share.