Shortbread Petticoat Tails

Shortbread Petticoat Tails

When my friend and housemate from Ballymaloe Cookery School, Katie, got married I was absolutely bummed that I couldn't't be there, so I wanted to research and dedicate a post to Katie and her groom, Nick, wishing them joy and happiness from their wedding day onwards.

Slushy stuff over, let's talk Scottish wedding traditions!  Of all the Scottish traditions I found that I could post on a family friendly blog such as this I discovered Shortbread. Apparently, it was tradition that the bride would have shortbread broken over her head upon arrival back at the new marital home.  I can't find any suggestion of why, so if anybody knows then please tell.


50g         Caster sugar + more for sprinkling 100g        Good quality softened butter
120g        Plain flour
30g          Cornflour
A pinch of good quality sea salt


A mixing bowl
A wooden spoon
A 20cm removable metal cake tin base (Sides not needed, just the base)
A sharp knife
A fork


Pre - heat your oven to 160 ° C conventional / 140 ° C fan. 

Using the wooden spoon cream the butter and sugar in the mixing bowl until light and fluffy.

Sieve the flour, cornflour and good pinch of sea salt into the butter and sugar and bring together completely but working the dough as little as possible.  It should be soft and malleable at this stage. 

Using your hands work it quickly into a disc to fit on to the cake tin base.   Flatten off with a rolling pin if you like but make sure it is of an even height to ensure even cooking. Crimp the edges of the disc using your finger and thumb. 

Using the sharp knife mark the disc into 8 equal segments and then make holes using the fork prongs.

Let it rest in the fridge for 20 minutes or so until firmed up. Place into your pre - heated oven and bake for 40 minutes. Sprinkle with extra caster sugar and immediately cut into segments before it cools.  As it's heavy on the butter it will feel soft and pliable when warm.  Allow to cool completely before eating so as to get that lovely short and crumbly texture.

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