Take Away Menu

Whether its lunch on the go, or a night in taking break from the saucepans.

Our take away menu provides a wide range of fine food and drink.

Why not call ahead for collection?

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Please notify a member of staff regarding any allergies or dietary restrictions.

All Day Breakfast

Breakfast Roll. Upper Senwick Bacon, Egg or Sausage. Or a combo? £2.80

Station House Yoghurt. With your choice of Honey, Granola or Stewed Fruit. £3.50


Soup £3
Black Bean Curry £4.50
Terrine. Station House Bread. Salad. Pickle. £6
Rough Puff Game Pie. Potato Salad. Dressed Salad Leaves. £6.50
Rough Puff Vegetable Pie. Potato Salad. Dressed Salad Leaves. £5
Station House and Upper Senwick Picnic Scotch Egg. Dressed Salad Leaves. Potato Salad. Ketchup £6


Cake. Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla Sponge or Carrot Cake £2.50 Fruit Tart.

Hot Drinks

Latte espresso with steamed milk and topped with a thin layer of foam: £2.25

Cappuccino espresso, steamed milk and topped with a thick layer of foam. Chocolate Sprinkles?: £2.25

Americans espresso with hot water: £1.80

Mocha latte flavoured with chocolate: £2.60

Espresso our espresso roast in its purest form: £1.80

Espresso Macchiato espresso topped with a dollop of foamed milk£2.00

Flat White the true definition of the Flat White is extensively debated. Here at Station House it’s a double shot of espresso in our small size cup topped up with steamed milk with a thin layer of foam: £2.40

Teas and Fusions

Scottish breakfast: £2.00

Earl Grey, Green Tea, Rooibos, Peppermint, Mixed Berry,
Camomile, Ginger Chai can’t decide? Ask a member of the team for a recommendation: £2.20

Garrocher Garden Black Berry Tea bold Black Scottish Tea Leaves from Garrocher Tea Garden in Newton Stewart carefully blended with garden berries and warming spices: £3.50

Chai Tea Latte just like a latte but made with the Ginger Chai Tea instead of espresso sweetened with Station House Chai Syrup: £2.80

Hot Chocolate: £2.55

Extras: Extra espresso shot, Syrup (caramel, vanilla), Whipped cream? Add £0.50 per item

Cold Drinks

Station House Lemonade: £2.50

San Pellegrino Lemon, Blood Orange, Grapefruit Fentimens Scottish Ginger and Raspberry: £2.20

Still Water: £1.20

Sparkling Water: £1.20