The worst of UK food culture

Are things this bad?


I would say that this advert I saw recently in a fast food establishment in England is about the furthest polar opposite you can get to my position on food.  It has managed to condense all that is wrong about our food culture into two simple words.  “Don’t Cook”.

In my opinion, whoever came up with this slogan and those who sanctioned it should be in court.  It goes beyond the simple advertising of fast food.  They are not merely trying to entice you to eat their overly processed, over priced, tasteless junk but actually advocating that you don’t cook.

Let me counteract here a little.  Cooking from scratch in the home is cheaper, healthier and more social.  It brings people together and teaches children a multitude of social skills.  Does it take a little more time and skill?  Yes, but it will add years to your life and actually put something worth eating on your plate.

I’m not saying that an occasional Take Away can’t be nice once in a while, however, any establishment who promotes ‘not cooking’ should not be supported.

At a time when many reports show that Britain leads the obesity table in Western Europe and is set to become our biggest killer this attitude must surely be fought against and not promoted on our high streets.

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